Ravis 3D

A cooperative project for the development of a navigationtool for visually impaired people


In the cooperative project RaVis-3D a helping System for visually impaired people gets developed, which scans the environment via radar and translates it into a 3D-Audio-surrounding, which gets represented to the user as an accustic signal by a hearing-device.

Additionally it gets explored, how far other technical devices like tactile outputs, smartphones or smartwatches are helpful for orientation.

A huge improvement for the support in daily life of visually impaired people is the goal of the research project RaVis 3D: Special technique scans the surroundings via radar. In the following the environment will be translated into audio-signals (a so called Audio-3D-Surrounding), which represents itself to the user by a hearing device.

In the RaVis-3D project SNAP does the analysis of the users requirements to such an assistency system and also runs the tests of the prototypes through users who are accoustically and visually impaired.

Especially the examination of the cognitive resilience through various sensory impressions, by EEG-measurement, is a major priority.

The project started in late summer 2016 and is funded by the european union (european fond for regional development (EFRE)) and northrhine-westfalia.

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