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The SNAP GmbH collects and evaluates neurological and kinematic data with Machine-Learning algorithms (e.g. artificial neuronal networks) to develop Brain Computer Interfaces. With this core competence SNAP takes part in different projects for the development of hightechnological assistance-devices. SNAP offers a testing-station for the development of sensorbased neuronal-adaptive product in the field of brain computer interface. Examples are neuronal controlled prosthetics and exoskeletons.

Our Services also include the development and execution of thus connected services and projects. We support our projectpartners in the selection of appropriate funding programs and in the filling of applications.

Our company and the technology-platform is located in the BioMedizinZentrum (bio-medical-center) in Bochum in the center of the Ruhr metropolis.

The Ruhr metropolis is Germany´s biggest marketplace for the health-economy -many customers, users and development partners of the technology-platform are located in the direct surrounding. The BioMedizinZentrum hosts a network of highly innovative High-Tec-Companies in the fields of medical-technology, biomedicine and health-economy, which are inspiring our developments. On top of these positive location factors, we have access to the scientific competence of the Ruhr-University Bochum and other universities and university-level institutions of the Ruhr-Area in Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Witten.

10 years SNAP GmbH - the company celebrates this year its 10 anniversary! 


Brain Computer Interface

We develop customized EEG systems which connects the brain acitivity with the surrounding. 


Applicable in rehabilitation, physical trainings, virtual reality and gaming.



  • IRhythmic

  • AnaKin

  • BCI Decoder


  • REXO

Artificial Ingelligence

We provide artificial intelligence based solution in interpreting kinetic and neurological data. 


We host the data secure (DSGVO-compliant) and process data in our SNAP Data-Science-Center. 

Our wide range of products and offers

Our Team - Your Experts

With our broad interdisciplinary expertise it is possible to develop our specific products and our range of services. 

We are the people behind the scenes:

Dr. Corinna Weber
CTO Chief Technical Officer
Mavin Heim 
Co Sales 
Sinah Grube
Data Science
Alexander Szameitat
Management Assistant
Kerstin Niewerth
Co Cognitive Science
Francisco Nùnez
Game developer /
man of material 
Rouven Hücker
Chief of Health-Services & Prevention
/ Data-Protection Officer
Tobias Jokiel
App developer 
Swathi Rao
App developer
Philip Beckmann


Universitätsstr. 136

44799 Bochum

Tel: +49 234 545070-60

Email: post@snap-gmbh.com

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