At our Workshops and trainings we offer you a Video-, Stand- and Gaitanalyses, results of which you can take home, as pdf or printed out, as you prefer.


In our environment you can train with highly advanced technology in enhanced reality to increase your concentration, coordination and muscular stability and thus strengthen it.

Through our individual designed training, you can increase your self-confidence through an improved body perception and gait, which will have positive effects on your outward appearance.

Additionally you can release some stress through the playful training-units.


We are developing an individual training-schedule, fitting your needs.

Such trainings can be appointed and executed on a regular basis, to train safely and with instruction, to achieve the greatest possible success.


For attendance at our workshops and trainings please contact us.

There is just a limited number of participants for each workshop.

TRAINING: 50,00 € (GROUPTRAINING from 25,00 €/per person)

As part of our Active Walking Workshop, we offer individual, supervised training.

You get a 60-minute training including regular testing of your improvement, through stand- and gaitanalysis.

At our training you are instructed and supervised by our medical fitness/personal trainer.


(You can book a 2-hours training in a small group, of 2-4 participants, on a regular Basis. It consists of similar content as the single person training.

Please contact us therefore via E-Mail.)


In a workshop over 3 hours, with 6-12 participants, you will be introduced into the theme Active Walking.

After a short presentation of the whole theme of gait, we introduce our stand- and gait-analyse system, together with our virtual obstacle-parkour. In a small group the whole topic of an active and healthy gait will be elaborated by practical exercise.

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