Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a highly topical field of research, which impacts all sectors of human life concerning data handling and our surroundings. SNAP utilizes this technology to evaluate the measured neurological as well as kinematical data for diverse applications. The large datasets are processed and classified by means of Machine-Learning algorithms (e.g. artificial neural networks). Based on those patterns decisions/ predictions can be made.

An example of an AI-solution, developed by SNAP GmbH, represents the product AnaKin, an AI-based motion detection system. AnaKin records its wearer’s movements and remembers specific ones. With these movements, e.g. computer games, robot systems or assistance systems your smart home can be controlled by a single hand movement. In addition we offer customized AI software solutions in the field of motion analysis and the acquisition of neurological data recorded via non-invasive EEG.

Develop, elaborate and test your innovative new business fields with us. We are there for you and advise you as a trustworthy partner from feasibility study to the realization of your idea!

Motion detection systems

Do you want to practice some motion sequences? With our technology you can measure and value the movements of your body. Our AI-solution can note during your trainings session if your pattern of activity is right or not.  


Hosting your data is our job and we attach the most importance to your data integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data.

Customized Solutions

The future is made of ideas. We offer individual AI-Solutions. Create a new area of business with us.  

Business segments

For example: Healthiness, Fitness, rehabilitation, Smart-Home, Robotic-Industry, gaming industry und BCI.


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