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Stay healthy, in motion and work actively and flexibly on your gait pattern with the digital assistance system developed by SNAP GmbH.

For many people the gait pattern changes significantly in the course of life. Smaller steps, a reduced arm swing, a bent posture as wells as the difficulty in maintaining balance are the main aspects that effecting the gait pattern. These limitations can be counteracted with active movement training.

The IRythmic can be used both in physiotherapy and in preventive gait training (e.g. as part of fall prophylaxis) or simply privately at home. It consists of two portable sensory cuffs with vibration motors, which can be attached to both upper arms, for example. Changing vibration impulses determine the movement rhythm for a symmetrical gait pattern. The impulses motivate the user to maintain a certain speed of movement and remind him to swing his arm. The rhythm can be individually adapted to the user. Via smartphone and app, the user can easily adjust the rhythmic pulses. The app also provides the user with information about targeted training units and training success.


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