Our core-project was the project to „buildup and operate a testing-stand for the development of sensorbased neuronal adaptive prosthetics“.

The testing-stand is the base for development and realization of related services, projects and products.

It is a technological platform, which is intended to be used mainly by small- and middlesized enterprises, for development and usage of „intelligent“ prosthetics and prosthetic tools.


The buildup and operation of the technological platform is of special public interest, because through it, SNAP-GmbH contributes in speeding up the transfer of technological knowledge from science to the market.

This establishes new forms of cooperation between science and economy, to accompany businesses with efficient and goal-oriented technological progress, from an idea to the marketable product or procedure.


On top of that university innovations strengthen the directly transfer of R+D-results to products and procedures.

Through this an appropriate positive regional-economical effect is targeted.

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