The Brain Computer Interface (BCI) makes it possible for brain and machine to work together.

This interface was developed, to send lost sensory information to the brain or stimulate it through the artificial generation of electrical signals.

This also works the other way around, so that an active brain`s signals can be used to control machines.

The BCI cannot be used to read minds.

But it can improve the lives of disabled or handicapped people dramatically.

The brain is very complex, it is build out of ca. 100 billion  neurons,, which are regularly receiving and/or sending signals.

So it  is one of the most complex networks that we know.

Besides that, there are diverse chemical processes going on, that we are still trying to understand.

We at SNAP are measuring these Signals via EEG,  electrodes  measure electric potentials on our head.

The differences of those potentials give information of our condition and activities, if we are seeing, hearing, feeling, being active or sleeping.


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