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AI-based image processing

Our automated, visual inspection enables you to record product´s condition, detect errors, and check completeness.

Our system


Our AI-based inspection system is called SNAP Vision and has been specially developed for the automated and AI-supported optical quality inspection of your products. The use of our AI-based quality assurance system increases the degree of automation. With SNAP's total solution, the condition of complex products can be precisely determined on a wide variety of surfaces.


SNAP Vision represents a complete solution for you. We select the right camera system for you, train the AI and finally integrate the smart solution into your production line - and all from a single source. The system will be adapted to your requirements.


SNAP Vision can be flexibly and easily integrated into existing productions and systems. Our team of experts enables you to implement our SNAP Vision system individually tailored to your needs in your desired user interface.

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We specialize in the following areas of application, among others: Classification verdifferent materialtypes, completeness check, object recognition, location and location recognition. For example, our customers are made of metalmanufacturing and plastics processing industry, manufacturing industry and in the textile production.

Your benefits

  • Reduction of rejects and rework; AI detects errors that the human eye cannot

  • Trouble-free and cost-effective production; Increase in quality and customer satisfaction

  • Automatic quality assurance and better resulting quality

  • Reduction of possible errors and increase in efficiency through results within seconds

product condition


Error detection

 Complete ness check

Product condition detection


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Our software has been used in the following industries so far:

• Metalworking and plastics processing companies

• Manufacturing industry

• Machine and plant builders

• Textile production companies

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Highest quality through the latest technology by SNAP GmbH at ATLAS® Schuhfabrik GmbH & Co.KG

ATLAS® production in Dortmund is now even smarter with SNAP's AI-based inspection system SNAP Vision. Our SNAP Vision system scans the soles of Europe's leading manufacturer of safety shoes and automatically recognizes the product condition during the surface inspection. In this way, an important step to ensure the highest quality is automated and optimized. ATLAS® and SNAP GmbH agree: Artificial intelligence is one of the keys to modern, efficient production of the future!

SNAP Vision Toolbox

The SNAP Vision Toolbox is a programming-free software for creating artificial intelligence.  This makes it possible to make changes to your own system, retrain the already integrated AI and adapt to changing circumstances.



Labeling data by hand


Automatic labeling with the help of AI


Training of AI



Update options for models already in



Evaluation and visualization of the training process

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