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SNAP Brain-Toolbox

The core competence of the Brain Toolbox lies in the acquisition and analysis of EEG data for educational institutions and research projects.

Discover the Brain Toolbox: Limitless potential for teaching & Cutting-edge research in brain research!

Our Brain Toolbox offers the ideal synergy of high-quality hardware and customized software that enables educational institutions and researchers to easily collect, analyze and use EEG data. Without any need for programming skills, our user-friendly interface allows you to get started right away. Immerse yourself in the world of EEG - everything you need in a single offering.

Well-known universities are already benefiting from our solution::

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The problem

Many universities lack effective tools to seamlessly integrate AI into the classroom to provide students with hands-on experience and a basic understanding of the application of AI. At the same time, there is a lack of access to platforms that combine EEG with AI and enable researchers to develop innovative approaches and gain in-depth insights from EEG data.

Required development

The growing importance of EEG in modern research emphasizes the urgency of combining practice-oriented teaching methods with state-of-the-art research approaches. EEG-based research is increasingly providing essential insights into brain activity and opening up innovative avenues for researchers in diverse fields.

SNAP's solutions


Brain toolbox for teaching: integration of modern technologies and method


Preparation for professional practice through brain activity recording and analysis


Artificial intelligence for valuable insights



Universities as pioneers in the training of future specialists



Brain toolbox from SNAP: the ideal tool for successful careers


If required, we can provide you with an EEG cap consisting of 16 channels/electrodes. This allows you to record brain ac[vity non-invasively. Our self-developed amplifier, the "BCI Fly", is used to record the signals from the electrodes. The recorded EEG data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a terminal device such as a computer. We also provide you with a dongle to ensure smooth transmission and storage of the data.


Software modules

EEG Experiment Settings

  • Storage of important meta information

EEG Device Manager

  • Connection to OpenBCI device, dongels and amplifier visualize the data to be recorded in the software.

EEG Data Plotter and Inferencer

  • Visualization and classification of live data

  • Simulation of training situations possible

Game Library

  • Choice of an application for training an AI model (e.g. games such as Pong)

Simplified Trainer

  • Automatic analysis of EEG recordings

Training Result Visualizer

  • Visual representation of specific key figures

Customized product design

Build your system the way you need it...


Modular software package:
Own headset, Brain-Toolbox software


All-in-one package:
Barin-Toolbox software with EEG headset and amplifier


Extended package:
Brain toolbox with optional Move toolbox and IMU sensors


To maximize productivity and optimal use of our offerings, we offer optional workshops to accompany the purchase of our products.

Possible uses and application

The Brain Toolbox in Psychology helps students to analyze EEG data for behavioral patterns in cognition, neuropsychology and mental disorders.



The brain toolbox in business administration analyzes brain activity for targeted sales and marketing strategies.

Business administration


The brain toolbox in medicine supports the diagnosis, monitoring and assessment of neurological disorders. Students analyze EEG data for more precise therapeutic approaches.



The Brain Toolbox enables neuroscience students to gain insights into the brain and behavior by measuring neuronal activity.




The Brain Toolbox combines sports and neuroscience, enables the measurement of brain activity during sport and provides insights into the effects of training and stress management.

Sport Science



The brain toolbox in pedagogy analyses learning methods by measuring brain activity in order to develop innovative teaching approaches and personalized learning strategies.



The Brain Toolbox offers advantages for...

  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge with Brain-Toolbox

  • Development of practical skills in brain activity measurement and analysis

  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration for complex research projects
    Students from different disciplines can cooperate

  • Focus on brain activity and artificial intelligence

  • Use of the Brain Toolbox broadens career prospects

  • Increases attractiveness for employers in various industries


  • Use of the Brain Toolbox in courses for innovative teaching methods
  • Promoting active student participation in the learning process
  • Expansion of research activities through integration of the Brain Toolbox
  • Generating new findings in the areas of brain activity and artificial intelligence
  • Use of advanced technologies strengthens the reputation of professors
  • Increasing the university's visibility in the research community


  • Differentiation from other universities through integration of the Brain Toolbox
  • Attracting students and increasing the attractiveness of the faculty
  • Strengthening the university's reputation by using the Brain Toolbox
  • Increasing the attractiveness for potential students, researchers and partners
  • Building partnerships with companies and organizations
  • Potential for research and development projects, internships and career opportunities for students


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